About Southern Skies FCRC

How Our Club Started

Until the early 1970s, there were few Flat-Coats in the Southeast and were seldom seen at dog shows. In the following thirty years, the flat-coat population grew. Flat-Coat owners sought each other out and worked co-operatively to share information and provide activities for their dogs. The early owners gathered at local shows to share information and experiences. They took part in informal training days to prepare dogs for Working Certificate tests. Flat-Coats were beginning to be seen in Obedience rings. Many owners were members of the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America, Inc. and travelled to National Specialties to meet other owners and breeders and to return home with a better understanding of the breed.

By the late ‘90s, there was an active core of Flat-Coat fanciers. There was a greater participation at the National level as well as the regional. A match was held in the Atlanta area. A WC/WCX test followed. These events created interest in holding other events in the region and led to discussions concerning the formation of a regional flat-coated retriever club with strong ties to the national Parent Club.

In April of 2002, a request was made to the FCRSA for the requirements leading to the formation of a local club and the responsibilities of being an affiliated regional club. This information was sent by Dr. Nancy Schenck, then FCRSA Vice-President and one of the early Florida flat-coat breeders.

May 11, 2002: The first official meeting of the Southern Skies Flat-Coated Retriever Club, with 20 members in attendance, was held at the home of Claire and Martin Koshar in Montverde, Florida. The club’s first Officers and Board were elected:
President-Claire Koshar
Vice-President-Pam Hind
Recording Secretary-Donna Chocianowski
Membership Secretary-Katy Postrozny
Treasurer-Ginny Kuiper
Board Members: Joan Dever, Mary Smith, PJ Lacette

Board Members & Committee Chairs 2022

Patti More


Paul Kamke



Kelli Riggs

Vice President

Carol Cassidy


Supported Entry Trophy


Susan Schultz Poole

Membership Secretary

Sunshine Chair

Carolee Boyles

Recording Secretary

Annual Awards Chair

Susan Klein

Ways & Means Chair